Color and Shape Gross Motor Ideas: Color Hop

Gross motor color and shape hop!  An active way to practice colors and shapes.

 My girls love sensory play and fine motor activities but they also like to move.  They are active by nature and need to be able to run, play, jump and climb.  I knew I wanted to create some gross motor activities that fit with our color and shape theme.  I printed out large shapes in different colors and laminated them.

Since we are still enjoying summer like weather in Michigan, we took these outside and spread them on the patio.
 I called out different colors and K had to hop to that card.  Then we switched to shapes.  I called them out and she would find them.
 Then she wanted to switch it around a bit and she would hop to a shape and I had to identify what color she was on.  Both girls loved hoping around on the shapes and colors.  K even asked if we could do it the next day and she tried it on grass that time.  It tends to work best on a flat surface.  I didn't tape these down because I wanted to be able to use them again for other activities.  Because they were laminated and because they weren't taped down, they were a little slippery at times when she went to hop.  I would recommend taping them with washi tape or painters tape so you can remove it but make the hopping game a little more safe.
Another idea for these cards would be to set them up like hopscotch.  I plan to try that this winter in our main hallway when it is too cold to go outside.  That way we can keep hopping all winter long!

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