Color and Shape Fine Motor Ideas: Color Books

Love this DIY color book for kids that works on identifying colors and fine motor practice while they cut and glue.

Before I started planning our color unit, a friend on Instagram (Brooke Brown), shared a picture of these paint chip cards from Lowe's.  They already had a hole in the corner and she started thinking of what teachers could do with these.  My first thought was a mini book and use it as the covers.  I took the idea and ran with it and had K create color books as part of our unit.
I started out by just giving her a magazine and having her cut out colors.  After one shape was cut out, she was frustrated.  Part of it is cutting is still a new skill for her and part of it is kid training scissors are really not very good at cutting through thin magazine paper since they aren't very sharp.  The paper kept getting stuck.

The next day we tried again.  This time I set out the paint chips so that she knew what colors she was looking for.  I also brought out scraps from my cardstock collection.  She had a MUCH easier time cutting these.  She would cut out a piece and lay it on the matching paint chip.  We made sure she had a couple for each color.

Then I cut index cards in half and put a few in each book.  To make the book have a front and back, I flipped over one of the paint chips (I grabbed two of each color) and punched a new hole.  Then I put the paint chips and index cards together with a book ring.
She used our glue sponge to add a color picture to each page in the book.  I wrote the color on the cover and we were done.  A set of color books for her to look at plus some fine motor skill practice along with sorting by color practice.
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