Getting Our Supplies Organized

I like organization.  I can't lie.  I like everything to have a place.  I like being able to easily find something when I'm looking for it.  I was the teacher who had a clean desk at the end of every day.  Other teachers came to me to find resources they couldn't find because they knew mine were organized and I could easily put my hands on them in minutes.  Now that is not so say that everything in my life is organized.  I wish.  The piles that stack up on my kitchen counter drive me crazy.  The piles of things I'm working on spilled all over my dining room table annoy me to no end.  I tolerate it.  I live with it because I know I can't spend all of my time organizing.  However, I reached my breaking point with our supplies in our dining room.

I wish I had an office or a homeschool room or somewhere to store all of the stuff that I want to be able to grab quickly but I don't want little hands to grab.  I started storing everything on a cart in our dining room.  As we used it, it became more and more piled up and started driving me nuts.  I would like a cabinet in the dining room so that all of this can be stored out of sight.  My husband tells me he will build me one but his carpentry skills need more practice so maybe this winter.  UGH.  I am not patient when I want something like that but I am trying to be.

So I decided to help my mess by getting a few matching bins.  I swore when I moved my classroom to my basement that I would never need to buy another plastic, bin but sometimes I just like everything to match.  Here is a look at the craziness that was piling up.

I went through and sorted and organized everything as much as possible.  I consolidated stuff, I got rid of packaging that was taking up space.  
And then I decided I needed labels.  It was during the TpT sale and I was too impatient to create them myself, so I bought THESE from Teach Create Motivate.  They were designed for a teacher toolkit but thery were editable labels so I made them work for our craft supplies.
It isn't perfect but it will make it a little more tolerable until I get my cabinet to hide it all in (neatly in bins with labels of course).
Next up, I want a teacher toolkit to keep at home.  Not sure where it is going to go but I love the idea of having all of our supplies together and of course with a label on it!  I tried to buy the organizer from Lowe's but all the other teachers in the area must have had the same plan because they were all gone.  So that organization job will have to wait.