Five For Friday - Literacy Task Cards

 Thanks to Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting one of my favorite linky parties!  Here is my past two weeks in a nutshell.
 It has been an exhausting week.  My husband has been out of town and my girls have been giving me a run for my money.  As I'm writing this it is 10:15PM and my three year old is still up.  Even though I put her to bed hours ago she has become the queen of delaying bedtime.  She has learned that if she says she has to go to the bathroom we let her get out of bed.  So we've stopped going up there with her so it isn't a social time but she will just sit up and there and read and fool around.  The whole bedtime routine has become exhausting and frustrating with her.  Especially because then she is crabby because she doesn't get enough sleep.

Meanwhile, little sister has two teeth coming through this week so she is crabby.  Plus she is becoming fiercely independent.  She wants to put her clothes on, try going potty like her sister and put her own shoes on.  Lately, she refuses to let me put shoes on her and screams when I do and then takes them off.  She would rather carry a bunch of shoes around with her but doesn't want to wear them. Winter could be sad for her when walking around barefoot isn't an option.  Man...parenting is exhausting.  Luckily my parents came back in town this week so the girls had a sleepover over there last night so I got a little break.  We are all excited for daddy to come home tomorrow....maybe mommy needs to go away for a few days!
 I found a new obsession on Instagram.  It is called Poppy & Dot.  It is an online boutique but all the purchasing happens on Instagram - they post an item, write a description of it and if you like it, you write a comment that says sold, the size you want and your email address.  You get an instant email and then have an hour to pay and then they send it to you within a week or so.  So fun!  They have affordable, cute stuff (with free shipping) and I feel like they really focus on moms - stuff that is trendy, yet practical and often loose or longer to cover the areas you don't want showing!  These are my two purchases.

And then a few days ago I bought a grab bag.  What?  Who am I?  Who buys three random items without seeing them?  This girl, that's who.  I couldn't pass up $35 for 3 items from their store (could be anything - shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes, pants, cardigans).  Still waiting for it to come.  I'm hoping it is three things that I love.
 I recently discovered the show Hart of Dixie on Netflix and have no idea why I didn't watch this sooner.  I remember when it first came out and seeing the cast interviewed but I don't think I realized what it was about or I would have watched for sure.  Big city girl moves to a small southern town?  Um yes please!  I have always had dreams of living in a small southern town.  The show reminds me a lot of the show Providence that I used to watch and Gilmore Girls.  Then I find out it is filmed on the same lot as Gilmore Girls so the gazebo in town is the same in both shows.  And just the small town feel with the quirky citizens is so Gilmore Girls.  I always worry about starting a new show on Netflix because I feel like I can't pay attention while I am trying to work but so far it is working out and I'm following along by mostly listening with a little bit of watching.
 Last weekend, we went to Pittsburgh to meet my new nephew that was born two weeks ago.  My girls loved holding him and touching him.  My sister and her husband made a little onesie for him that they put on when we got there asking us to be his Godparents.  We were flattered and of course said yes!!
I had another request for more back to school task cards designed for second grade, but literacy ones this time.  I made a set that reviewed first grade concepts so that it would be perfect for a beginning of the year second grader.  I focused on punctuation, past/present/future verbs, correct pronouns to match the verb and long/short vowels.
Back to school language arts task cards are perfect for the beginning of the year.  A great way to review concepts and use in an ELA center.