Tell All Tuesday: Summer Flashback

I am linking up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire for summer flashback, where you share about something you used to do in the summer.  I'm a few days late to the party.  There are so many good linky parties going on right now so I'm trying to space them out throughout the week.

One of the things we used to do all summer was swim.  Sorry for the bad photo - it is a picture of a photo that was scrapbooked for us when we got married.  I'm sitting on the ladder if you couldn't tell with my brothers and sister!
We grew up doing a lot of swimming.  We had small kiddy pools.  Then moved to a slightly bigger version that was a few feet deep.  Then we got this pool in the picture that was a 4 feet deep above ground pool.  I sometimes wish my parents still had it for my kids to use but it was a lot of work.  My dad always tells the story that in all the years we had that pool and all the time he spent cleaning it, he only swam in it once.  Pools are a lot of work.  But I have a lot of fun memories in the pool.  We never took lessons but we all learned to swim by spending hours in it.   A few of my memories of swimming in the pool:

-swimming in a circle to create a whirlpool (which my dad actually liked because all the dirt went to the middle and was easy to vacuum out) and floating and letting the water move us around
-creating a wave pool (which my dad didn't like due to the amount of water we lost over the edge)
-jumping off the ladder
-learning how to test the water and add the needed chemicals
-dipping our feet in a water bucket before we got in to get all the grass off our feet
-running around to get hot and then jumping in the pool
-having a party in college and a few of my guy friends jumping into the pool at 2am
-having the neighbors come over and ask us to be quiet during the day because their mom was sleeping #wearekids #itissummer #wewillbeloud