Five For Friday

 Happy Friday!  I am excited for the weekend.  Fun plans and maybe break from the humidity sounds like a good weekend to me.

 I am co-hosting (!!!!) a meetup in Vegas with my friends Jennifer (A Dab of Glue Will Do) and Elissa (Mrs Jones' Creation Station) for teachers turned stay at home/work at home moms and other people who do TpT full time instead of being in the classroom.  It is sort of an interesting dynamic to be out of the classroom yet still connected to teaching through TpT and blogging.  It can sometimes be pretty lonely to not have that adult contact anymore or access to a classroom, so we thought getting together and networking and developing friendships with others in the same position would be a good idea.  So far we have an awesome turnout and some AMAZING donations for giveaways and swag bags.  If you want to join us, go HERE.  You have to fill out the Google Doc by TODAY.  If you RSVP'd on the Facebook page, you still have to fill out the Google Doc.  Only people who fill out the form will be counted.  We need to make sure we have enough seats, food and goodies for everyone.  Are you coming???  Let me know in the comments.  Can't wait to meet you!
 I finished and posted a product I never had any intention of ABC practice packet.  In my summer review packets, I often do an overview of skills so instead of practicing every letter or every sight word, I just include a few.  I had a few customers ask for more letters so that their students could practice all of the letters.  I took the four different letter practice pages that  I used in my PreK review packs and created them for all the letters of the alphabet in case anyone wants more practice.  They can be used with the summer review packets or as a stand alone product.

 I think I am pretty much Vegas ready.  My Zazzle buttons came in.  Unfortunately, my little models didn't want to stand still or near each other for a picture....we clearly have a thing for stripes in this house!!
 I had a frustrating, kid free shopping night on Monday and found nothing.  I came home with one dress and a necklace.  I went out again with my mom and the girls on Wednesday and it was an amazing success.  I got so much stuff!  All of this is from Charming Charlies.  I figure I can use most of it in Vegas (though I will probably bring all of it because I am an over packer like that) but it will also work this summer for showers, a wedding we have, church each week and date nights.  So that helped me justify dropping all of that money on clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry for in nothing came home with me that was for the girls.

Tuesday night we headed to the Detroit Tiger's game.  We share a season ticket package with my parents and brothers so this is a fairly regular occurrence for us.  We don't always take the girls but we didn't have a babysitting option.  They actually did great and we all had a great night.  I still didn't watch much of the game but that's okay.  
Our plans for the weekend include date night to the Barenaked Ladies concert (the first group I ever saw live when I was in high school) and dinner with my family for Father's Day and my dad's birthday.  Then we plan to spoil Daddy and do a lot of relaxing and watching his favorite movies on Sunday after dinner.  Tonight we are thinking of hanging out by our bonfire since it seems less humid as long as the mosquitoes aren't too bad...unless I can convince my hubby that we should take the girls to the drive in movies for the first time....hmmm...