Five For Friday

 Oh my poor neglected little blog.  It only sees action on Fridays when I simply can't miss a Five For Friday post.  Hopefully once I am finished with these one or two products that I've been wanting to finish before the end of the year, I can get back to blogging regularly.  Maybe.
 Last weekend, we had another local meetup. Erin Klein and Maria Dismondy hosted and I had a great time.  Meeting new people is so out of the introverted box for me but I am glad I went.  We had lunch before with a few friends from the last meetup.  Can I tell you how nice it is to find other people that are doing this TpT/blogging thing that are nearby?  The meetup was great.  Instead of just an informal get to know you, there was a lot of discussion and sharing and planning and collaborating.  It was awesome.  So nice to have the support of others and work together for the greater good.  I rarely had that when I was in the classroom beyond my teaching partner so it makes it nice to find that.

My friend Tricia, who just launched her new blog.  Check it out HERE.  
 I have been working like crazy to get my 4th grade summer review done and posted since so many schools are getting out for summer.  Plus, I know I will need it this summer for the 4th grader that I tutor.  I don't know if it is because I am more of a lower ele person or I am just not focusing but it is taking me FOREVER!!  While that is in the process of being finished, I whipped out a quick product that I needed for tutoring this week.  The third grader has been struggling with her multiplication facts and has been trying to pass her nines.  Luckily, she didn't have much homework or any tests to prep for so we practiced almost the entire time.  We played bump and I also found a youTube video that we played over and over again during the entire session.  Good news - she passed her test the next day!!  Summer version of bump is up in my store and is $1 for the next two days.

 Wanna know a secret?  Parenting is hard!  Parenting toddlers is really hard.  Ha!  Not really a secret right?  Some days I am just not feeling it.  Yesterday was one of those days.  The girls were having a tough day, I was having a tough day.  My friend Jennifer was in the same in the same boat all the way in Texas.  Neither of us wanted to get our kids up from nap and be parents!  She sent me THIS link that absolutely cracked me up.  It was so on point for how I was feeling.  Some days are like that.  Hopefully today will be a better day!!
 All of my tv shows have come to a close for the year.  I don't have a ton of time to watch them now that I work at a table instead of on the couch, but every week I make sure to watch Nashville, Scandal and The Royals.  The Royals just ended on Sunday so now all my shows are officially over until the fall.  And I was just getting into a good routine of working out while I am watching them.  Oh are my thoughts.

Scandal - suprisingly happy with the end.  Though I've fallen in love with Jake throughout the season so it was sad to see Olivia back with the president but at the same time it felt like the old Scandal was back.  But I'm totally questioning the fact that the last episode seemed like it resolved everything and it wasn't really a cliff hanger.  I feel like that just means that Shonda Rimes has something crazy and mindblowing up her sleeve.

Nashville - of course it leaves with a crazy Deacon alive?  Did he make it through surgery?  Just when I think there can't be any more scandals and problems with this group of characters, there is always something else.  But I love Deacon and Rayna together so hopefully nothing traumatic happens at the beginning of next season but that wouldn't be Nashville style.

The Royals - I really got into this show.  After the first few episodes I thought maybe it wasn't for me but I was oddly addicted to it.  There is just crazy scandal and drama on this show.  Such a disfunctional family but it makes for good watching.  This is a show I really have to watch and pay attention to instead of just listening to since they often have text messages on the screen that I have to be able to read.  I was happy to read that they were picked up for a second season before the first season even aired.  I HATE getting into a show only to have it cancelled.
To say that I am excited for the long weekend is an understatement.  To have my husband home for 3 days - awesome!  We have plans to plant our garden and get some outside work done.  I'd love to get my 4th grade review done and posted so that I can just relax this weekend.  I could also use a date night.  All fun things but not really what Memorial Day is about.  I'd have to say I never gave much thought to it.  It has always been an extra day off, a day of family and BBQs, a signal that the school year was coming to a close.  And then I read this post on Stephanie Howell's blog.  I'm not sure if she has deleted the posts or what, but I am having a hard time finding them on her blog.  I could only find THIS one.  Stephanie is the mother of 4 little girls, who have lived all over the world because her husband is in the military.  She gave a very real and raw interpretation of Memorial Day and how it isn't a "happy" day or a day to celebrate with BBQs.  It is about all those families whose Daddy's didn't come home.  All those soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.  It was definitely eye opening for me as someone who has military members in the family but has never had it hit close to home.  It sticks with me now each year thanks to Stephanie's honesty.

That being said, have a good weekend, friends!!  Remember and honor and enjoy your families!!