Stop, Swap and Roll Product Swap

Have you ever heard of a product swap?  Basically, you swap products with another teacher author, try it out, review it and share all about it on your blog.  This is my first time participating in a product swap and I'm so excited to share it with you today.

Special thanks to Melissa at Jungle Learners for hosting and coordinating all of this!
I was paired up with Cassandra, aka Mrs. 3rd Grade!  I hopped over to check out her blog right away.  It is so cute!  Such a fun color combination.  Cassandra teaches in warm {hot} Arizona, which sounds really nice right about now as the snowflakes keep falling here this week.  I loved getting to peek inside her classroom on her blog.  It makes my organizer/teacher heart happy.  All the labels and the color coordinated room...ah!  Love it!

In looking at her Teachers Pay Teachers store, Mrs 3rd Grade, I found over 60 products on a variety of topics.  She has classroom decor (classroom labels and schedule cards), language arts activities, religious interactive notebooks (which I can't wait to try scaled down for my firsties) and the thing that caught my eye was all of the math activities that she has in her store.  There are so many different activities that would be perfect for math workshop/math centers.  Many of her activities are geared toward a specific holiday or season so it would be perfect for rotating in and out of math centers.

I was lucky enough to have free pick of anything in her store.  Since many of her products would be perfect for third grade, I decided to pick something I could use with the 3rd grader and 4th grader that I tutor.  I decided on her Lemonade Stand Math Games.
There is a lot included in this product but the multiplication practice and counting money games are what caught my eye since that is something I've worked on with both girls during tutoring.

Here is a little rundown of what is included:
-46 pages total with 3 different math activities all with a lemonade theme

  • Squeeze Out the Factors 
    • determine the missing factor in each problem
    • 20 task cards
    • full color version
    • ink saving version with black/white and minimal color
    • student recording sheet
    • answer key
  • Multiplication and Division Dividing Ice Divisibility Rules (2, 3, and 6) 
    • two sets of cards (one for numbers under 100 and one for numbers under 1,000)
    • students sort the adorable pitchers of lemonade into stands that say 2, 3 or 6 depending on what they are divisible by
    • student recording sheet to use for accountability once they have sorted
    • answer key
  • Counting Coins
    • count the coins to see how much the lemonade will cost
    • 20 task cards
    • full color version
    • ink saving version with minimal color
    • student recording sheet
    • answer key

I decided to print out the counting coins cards for the third grader I tutor.  We had been reviewing measurement for an upcoming math test so the money cards were a good review and break for her.  She still has some trouble identifying which coin is which.  The half dollar threw her off but it was good practice for her to add up the coins.  I mixed all the cards up and let her do them in any order she wanted.  Other than asking what a couple of the coins were a few times and needing some help adding on from $0.50, she did a great job and really liked using this set.  She was so excited by the lemonade theme and loved that she could skip around and solve the cards in any order.

These counting coin cards would be great in a second, third or even fourth grade class.  They would be a good math center to have students practice adding money.  It would also be fun to post them around the room and do a read the room type activity where students wander the room and solve cards when they find them.

For the 4th grader that I tutor, I decided to print out the missing factor task cards.  Just like her sister, she was most excited about the fact that she could solve them in any order.  It's the simple things, I tell ya!  This is a girl who struggledwith her addition and subtraction facts but quickly memorized her multiplication facts and has never looked back.  I figured this would be more of a fun review for her.  She did a great job with them.  I think it would have been MUCH more challenging for her 3rd grade sister to complete these since she isn't very strong with her multiplication facts.  The only facts she really struggled with on these task cards were when the number was multiplied by 12.

These task cards would be great in a 3rd or 4th grade classroom.  Again, they would make the perfect center to practice math facts in a different way.  It would also be fun to play scoot with the cards and have one card on each desk and have the students quickly solve the problem on their desk and then scoot to the next seat and solve.  It is so nice that there were answer keys for both to help save the teacher some time.

I didn't get to the divisibility game with either girl but it is so cute with the lemonade theme.  Again, it would be ideal for centers or even as a small group assessment type activity after working on divisibility rules.  With so many different activities included in this download, it is a steal for $4.  Definitely something you could laminate and reuse throughout the year but the lemonade theme just screams summer and the end of the school year!

Do you want to try this out for yourself?  Well today is your lucky day.  Mrs. 3rd Grade has been kind enough to let me give one of these products away to one of my readers.  How cool is that??  Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Mrs. 3rd Grade is reviewing my fraction task cards on her blog.  Click the picture to head over there where you have a chance to win a copy of that product as well.  I also have my fraction task cards for sale in my TpT store this weekend.  You can find them HERE.

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers who swapped and reviewed products for your chance to win more amazing products.  The top group is Kindergarten - First.  The middle groups is 2-3rd grade.  The bottom group is upper elementary.  Get hopping and check out some new products!