Five For Friday

 It is Friday!!  Yippee!!  We've had a tough week so I am glad for the weekend to be here.
 Finally we've had nicer weather this week.  We've gotten out for a few more walks this week.  The past two mornings we've done a jammy walk (inspired by Joya's night time walks) as soon as the girls get up.  I load everyone up in the stroller, give them their cheerios and water that they've been eating on the couch in front of the tv all winter and we go for a walk.  It has been a nice start to our day and I feel better knowing the dog and I have gotten some exercise.  I downloaded the app Map My Walk so that I could see how far we were walking.  It is often hard to tell when we are walking through subdivisions, along sidewalks, on bike trails, etc.  I feel like I should get extra credit for pushing a stroller with two kids and walking an overweight lab at the same time.  I didn't see a button in the app to click for that!

So I guess this officially makes me a soccer mom!  Ha!  I wonder when the minivan gets delivered!!  We jumped into sports full force this week.  Both girls resumed swim class and K started soccer.  I don't want to have my kids over dedicated to sports and be rushing from event to event all week long.  I watch families do that and I don't know how they make it work.  So I never intended to do that especially with a 1 and a 3 year old.  We have had both girls in swim lessons since they turned one and we usually do a session and then take a break.  Well, last time both girls could be in the same class which meant all 4 of us were in the water once a week.  This time they are in different classes and K doesn't need a parent in the water anymore.  We were trying to figure out how to make it work.  There was one night that had both classes but I would have to get them there before my husband got home and then we'd have a 40 minute break before the next class.  There is lots to do at the YMCA but not really how I wanted to spend the time (especially since we aren't currently members so we really can't use all the resources there).  So I decided to take K during the day and M and I watch.  It went pretty well.  She was hesitant at first because it was a new teacher but she was fine once she got in.  The hardest part was keeping M busy so she didn't try to get in the water too.  Then we signed K up for a soccer class that is the same time as M's swim lesson.  Then we can all go to the Y together and then divide and conquer for classes.  Both girls seemed to love it this week.  K keeps pretending to be her soccer teacher and have us practice.  Even with a massive collision and bump on the head with another kiddo, she still loved it.  And M was so happy to be back in the water.  So it adds another layer of crazy to our week to head to the Y twice a week but I think it will be good crazy and will hopefully tire them out!
 I haven't done very much in the way of product creation this week.  I need to fix up my Pre-K summer review.  Because I created if for a specific student based on what his mom said he was capable of, I feel like it is too hard for the general population.  I've never gotten negative feedback but every time it sells I worry that they are going to think it is too hard.  I reached out to my Instagram family and asked some Pre-K/K teachers to look it over.  It seems like most agree with me, it is too hard for most incoming kindergartners.  So I need to work on that soon.

I also made a junior version of my Catholic Saints Bingo.  We are going to play with our firsties next week and after playing Easter Bingo, I realized that a full size bingo board might be too hard for them, especially when they don't have a lot of picture clues to help them.  I am almost finished with a smaller version.

 It has been a rough toddler week at our house.  I think my husband and I jinxed ourselves a few weeks ago by saying 3 years old was so much better than 2, even though many people told us terrible 3s were worse than terrible 2s.  K was listening, helping out, dressing herself, telling us when she had to go to the bathroom.  And then the past week or two I feel like we've reverted back to the two year old behavior.  Not listening, accidents, coloring on the walls.  Aggghh!!  I have been so frustrated this week.  After a rough day and tears from me, my husband kept reminding me she is only 3.  I know this and I know in 10 years we will probably have a real reason to cry but parenting is just hard sometimes!  I think I expect a lot out of her because she is so smart and understands so much so I feel like she knows what will push my buttons.
This is her cleaning up after she colored on her wall.  Not great pictures but you get the point.  She actually stayed in her room and scrubbed until it was all gone.  I'd love to say I don't think she will do that again but I think she kind of liked the Magic Eraser.

Tonight is our first bonfire of the season.  We always burn our Christmas tree during the first bonfire and it has become a fun tradition.  Even with the tree cut into 3 smaller pieces there is still a pretty intense flame that usually scares me as I envision our house going up in flames!  Why are boys so amused by fire??  Usually we just do snacks and drinks but I figured tonight I would try a s'mores bar with all different toppings.  We'll see how that works.  I'm usually good after one s'more so I might have to make small ones so that I can try lots of flavors.  Having people over means I need to get to the store to get supplies (with two kids - so fun) and get the main floor of my house cleaned because it is a HOT MESS!!!

Have a great weekend!