Five For Friday

 Happy Good Friday/long weekend/Easter/spring break depending on what area you are in!
We had a great time last weekend in Pittsburgh.  My sister moved there just before K was born so we try to get out there a few times a year.  Each time we try to do something different or explore a new area.  This time we took the kids to the science center.  I was worried that the girls would be too young but they had a great time.  We spent a lot of time in the toddler area that was designed for kids 3-6.  They loved playing with water, balls and building with giant blocks.  A lot of fun!  

Another cool thing that we did happened at Mass on Sunday.  At my sister's church, one of the mass times is devoted to the hearing impaired.  You sit the entire time (unlike the normal Catholic sit, stand, kneel, repeat) and they have interpreters that sign the entire mass.  There is a choir that signs and the priest even knows some sign language.  It is completely fascinating to watch.  Not that I get to watch much.  Getting my girls to sit quietly for an hour is usually what I do every week instead of paying attention.  Oh day they will sit quietly!
 I feel like a blogging fail lately.  I was on a good role about writing posts and scheduling them ahead of time but I didn't do that this week.  I have a few things that I wanted to blog about the past few weeks and it just didn't happen.  I am two chapters behind on the book study.  I read the chapters but didn't blog.  I was going to blog about Easter activities with the girls.  But I just can't do it all, right?  So I gave myself permission to not worry about it.  Get the other stuff done that I need to do and get back to blogging when I have time without worrying about catching up.
We did some Easter egg decorating this week.  I used some clip art to print out giant eggs and we tried decorating them a few different ways.

First, we used washi tape.  I don't usually let the girls into my stash but they love when I get it out for projects so I just let them have at it.  I ripped pieces for M and she stuck them on.  K figured it out on her own including getting the tape started.  A little fine motor practice!!

Then, we used the bingo daubers.  K did a good job and then got bored with it.  I didn't want M to use these since they aren't really washable (though they are getting a washable set for Easter).  I gave M the version that I made last year.  When I was in the classroom, we bought a set of empty bottles with the bingo tops and never used them.  I got them out last year and watered down some washable paint.  They work the same way and the paint comes off easier which was good since M just wanted to paint her face and hands.

Sorry for the blurry pic...every picture I took of her looked like that!

Then, we tried puff balls with clothespin and paint.  They liked this but had more fun painting their hands instead.  Both girls ended up in a bubble bath after this to get all the paint off!

I decided to stick them to the front door since I can't find my spring wreath.  That counts for decorating, right?  Ha!  Take that Pinterest!

Last night was all about relaxing for me.  Not with my husband like I planned since he had to work late and then was watching hockey.  We had a long busy morning and afternoon with family at a science center nearby.  That meant late naps for the girls which equals late bedtimes.  Then my husband had to work late on a big project he has coming up.  I let the girls stay up and watch Rio before bathtime so they could see daddy when he got home.   So by the time the girls went to bed, I needed to lay on the couch, get rid of the headache I had and catch up on Nashville and Scandal from this week.  

 We are hosting dinner on Sunday so I have shopping to do today to get ready.  I did a lot of my "bunny" shopping when I went to Home Goods last week.  Today I just need to get the rest of the food for dinner.  And cherry coke.  After 40 days without pop, I am looking forward to my first sip of Cherry Coke!!  Then tomorrow's agenda is clean the house (while the kids follow behind destroying it)!!!  Happy Easter to everyone!