March Currently

Listening:  The girls are doing their morning Cheerios and a show (or 3) routine.  Currently Doc McStuffins is on.  I sometimes hate starting our mornings like this but it is so nice to give me some time to get some things done before breakfast.

Loving:  My morning routine for the past few weeks has been working and seems to be a good compromise for me.  I know I should get up before my girls and get things done.  It just makes for a smoother day but it is so so hard to wake up early when I stay up so late.  For the past few weeks I've been waking up on my own when my husband leaves or when I hear one of the girls start to stir.  I lay in bed and check in on instagram, twitter, bloglovin', etc.  Then I do my Lenten journal/bible study/daily devotional and then read the latest She Reads Truth entry.  Sometimes my girls are awake and in bed while I do this.  It would be nice to have extra time to get in a workout or a shower but for right now this works...I feel good getting some Bible study in and I get social media out of the way so we can get our morning started without my phone in hand.

Thinking:  I'm so over snow.  And just like last year, we haven't really been able to enjoy it this year because it has been too cold and the snow is too deep.  I just want warm weather.  I don't want to fight the winter coat battle with the girls.  I want to go for walks.  I want to go places and not stay inside away from the cold!

Wanting:  I worked on an activity for one of the girls that I tutor this weekend and it took me all weekend.  The good part is it is almost ready to post in my store so I got a tutoring activity and a TpT creation in one.  But that meant I got nothing else done.  I need to write and schedule blog posts, read and prep for the next chapter in the book study, scrapbook the past two weeks, prep for tutoring and catechism this week.  I could use some time alone.  I think I might get some help with that.  My parents haven't been around to help too much because they watch my nephew now.  But they have the week off from that and are having some work done at the house so I think they are going to be over quite a bit.  So hopefully I can get some work done and we can also take the girls somewhere fun that I wouldn't normally take them to on my own.

Needing:  The last time I got my hair done I went with the ombre effect.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about it after being a lifelong highlighter.  It was very subtle but I was still worried about how the dark color on top would work.  I have quite a few grays on top that are better covered with lighter highlights.  Well I got it done just before Christmas and it is just starting to drive me nuts that there are grays showing.  I guess that's not too bad - end of December to the beginning of March.  Hopefully I can get an appointment this week.

Spring Break Plans:  You stop counting down to vacations/breaks when you are at home full time and no one in the house has a break.  So I couldn't even tell you when spring break is around these parts.  I think it is the beginning of April. Regardless...we have no plans.  We might go visit my sister in Pittsburgh at the end of March for her birthday but that's about it.

Have you linked up with Farley for her currently link up?  It is so fun and so easy.  She gives the directions on her site and she has a really good thing going by asking that you comment on the two people who linked up before you and the one who comes after.  That makes it a great way to connect with others.