Five For Friday

Graphing Interactive Notebook that is ideal for second grade.  Includes different interactive pages to make math and graphing more fun and hands on.
Happy Friday everyone!  Come link up over at Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Click on the picture above to be taken to her site.  
 I did it!  I registered for the TpT conference in Vegas at the last possible minute before the price went up.  To say I'm excited is beyond an understatement.  I continue to laugh at the fact that I have wanted so badly to go to something that I have spent a lot of time avoiding...professional development that I don't have to do and two days surrounded by people I don't know.  That just shows you how much I love TpT that I am willing to get out of my comfort zone to hopefully learn a lot of tips for growing my business and meet some of my new friends that I've only know online.  It is going to be an awesome experience and I'm hoping a great vacation too.  My husband is still trying to figure out if he will have the time to take off of work or if he should just leave me to my "teacher world."  Either way, I'm going to Vegas!!!!

 My sister in law sent me this article this week all about 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay at Home mom.  I had to laugh at a lot of it because it mirrored my own life.  I can't say I would be mad if people said those things to me because I get that being a SAHM isn't for everyone and that's okay.  Just a lot to think about - I don't just stay home and play all day and I don't do it because it is easier than going to work.  Believe me - after doing both...I think my life was easier with a classroom full of kids than a day spent with my own two kids.  Just different types of stress and expectations.
 I finally got my Graphing Interactive Notebook for 2nd grade posted.  It is still 50% off for the rest of today.  It includes bar graphs, picture graphs, reading a tally chart, measuring and creating a line plot.  There are graphs to read and answer questions about and also the chance to create graphs with different levels of support built in.  Here are a few pictures of the product in action.

 We finally got outside this week.  It is a wet, muddy mess with all the snow melting but it was at least warmer.  We got a couple walks in.  My older one wants to help walk the dog now or walk/run on her own.  So she does that for awhile and then when she gets tired she jumps back on the stroller.  Nice to see sunshine again, even if it is still a little chilly.

We are off to Frozen on Ice tomorrow.  I bought the tickets back in October with the plans to just take our oldest who was Frozen obsessed at the time.  Well we are taking the little one now too so hopefully we are close enough that they are both entertained.  K isn't as into Frozen anymore now that she has discovered the other princesses, but I think she will have a good time.  I've never been to a Disney on Ice event so I'm excited that it is something for all of us to do together.  K keeps calling it Frozen on Ice Skates.  

Have a great weekend!!