Five For Friday

It's Friday!!!  It seemed like a fast week, which is good.  Usually by about Tuesday I'm ready for the weekend again.  Definitely not in the same way as when I was in the classroom, but it is always nice to have my husband home for a few days so I can have a little breather from being "on" all the time.

 My husband sent me the link to THIS video last week about why moms get nothing done.  It cracked me up and is pretty much the story of my life.  I often wonder if my husband comes home and thinks "what the heck did they do all day?" as the girls are still in pajamas, I haven't showered, every room is destroyed with toys and I'm trying to take care of dinner.  But I think because of the time he spends at home on the weekends and the fact that he sent me this video, he gets it.  It isn't easy.  The kids are behind you undoing everything you did.  Plus some days I just don't want to clean and pick up.  I want to play with the girls.  Or I want me time while they sleep.  #mommyprobs
 Do you use KG fonts?  I'm even more obsessed with them now that I can use them commercially.  I am LOVING the blog series Kimberly Geswein is doing about font pairings.  As much as I am obsessed with fonts, clip art and digital papers, I don't feel like I have a great eye for putting them together.  I think these pairing guides will really help me come up with some new font combinations.
 I snuck away for some much needed me time today to get my hair done.  After going with a subtle ombre look last time, I had quite a few grays peeking through the dark part of my hair.  So I got fresh color and a cut today.  Still ombre with an even lighter bottom but some highlights thrown in the top to make it a little less drastic.  Here's a little before and after.  Mirror selfies are hard!!  Probably could have removed the towel hanging in the background.  Keeping it real there!  Aka my bathroom is never clean.

 I saw THIS idea on and thought it could be a fun thing to do with the girls.  I'm always trying to find activities that they could both enjoy without worry about what M is putting in her mouth.  I didn't have a lot of tissue paper so I decided to use color puff balls and cottons balls. I made two different sticky boards on the wall with contact paper and washi tape.  Since I didn't have a lot of puff balls, I pulled out a bunch of foam shapes.  I figured M could just stick them on her board and K could actually work on making a rainbow.  Yeah this worked for a few minutes.  At first they were both into it.  Then they wanted to touch each other's boards.  Then M started eating the small shapes and puff balls from sister's board.  I was shocked at how quick K gave up and lost interest in putting the colors on the colored line.  They came back to it later and just started peeling pieces of cotton off and knocking things to the ground and eating foam shapes.  Come on!  I figured after taking the time to set it up, it would at least have bought me 15 minutes of happiness.  Fail!!!  And yes, this is pretty much how they dress ALL THE TIME.  Big sister is very into princess dresses and the little one has noticed and wants to wear some too.  Unfortunately, most are too long for her.  If we won't put them on her, she just wears them around her neck.  We went to Costco this week and they were both in dresses, with crowns, necklaces and scarves on.   Plus their normal clothes and winter jackets.

I've got a big stack of interactive notebook pages that need to be assembled for pictures.  This is for graphing/data for second grade.  Hopefully, the girls will sleep a little longer so I can make a dent in that.

Happy Friday!!  We have a whole lot of nothing planned for this weekend, which is nice.  I am trying a beer/cheese fondue for dinner.  We'll see how that goes over with everyone.  I've been excited and planning it all week so hopefully it doesn't disappoint.  Other than that I'd like to get some blog posts scheduled out and work on some products.  We might be doing our annual baseball season ticket divide up with my family.  We share a partial season ticket pack with my parents and my brothers.  When we get the tickets, we usually have baseball themed food and go through the tickets and take turns picking out what games we want.  Should be fun.