Project Life: Adding Videos to your Scrapbook

Do you scrapbook?  Do you Project Life?  I am blogging all about Project Life and how it made my scrapbooking so much easier.  I have two young children yet I have easily scrapbooked every week of their lives with this system.  If you want to know more background about Project Life, check out my other posts in this series.
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One thing that I really wanted to do with our family scrapbook last year was to get more videos in it.  Not an easy thing to do but sometimes the funny things my kids said or did couldn't be captured with just a picture.  Sure I could put the videos on my computer or phone.  Or post them on our family blog or my Instagram account.  But I wanted to keep it together with our other memories in our Project Life album.

I decided to use QR codes to make this happen.  It takes a few more steps than just printing out a picture but it isn't hard at all.

1. Upload your video
    To do this, I started uploading the video to YouTube.  I used to upload it right to my family blog but then blogger switched things up and you could no longer upload a high definition video.  They suggested you use YouTube and embed the video.  So that is what I did.  Even for videos that I don't put on my blog, I still upload them to my YouTube account.  I usually keep them as unlisted when I upload them.  If you do them as private and try to put them on a blog, others can't see it so unlisted is a good option to keep the videos private from search engines if you want that.

2.  Go to a QR generator such as (FREE)
  Take the link to your video (either your YouTube link or your blog post link) and copy and paste it into the spot that says website URL.  On the right side, it will show you a preview of your code.  Click Download QR code and save it to your computer.  I created a special folder for all my QR codes and just change the name of the file to the whatever the video is about to make it easier to find.

3.  Print out the QR code
  I usually open Powerpoint and then click insert a picture.  Then I select my QR code.  I resize it depending on the spot I'm putting it in my scrapbook.  I try not to make them too small so that they aren't scannable.  Double check with a QR reader on your phone (you can download one for free) if you aren't sure that you resized it correctly.  Print and cut and glue into your scrapbook.  I usually label it so I can easily flip through and find the video I want without having to scan all the codes to find it.

There you go!  So easy and the perfect way to get those videos off your phone and computer but still have them stored and accessible.

What do you want to know about scrapbooking or using Project Life?  Let me know!