Five For Friday

Linking up again this week with Kacey at Doodle Bugs.  I love this linky every week.  A nice chance to reflect on the week.

 Happy mail from Amazon this week.  I've been wanting to get bingo daubers for the girls to try out.  I picked out the cheapest ones and loved that they said glitter.  They aren't glitter so much as iridescent.  They are super fun but unfortunately not washable.  Whoops.  I guess I should have read the description better.  I have small empty bingo daubers that you put your own paint into but I thought these would be more inky and less painty.  They are fun and fine for now but I probably need to move those to my tutoring bag and look for a more kid friendly version.

I decided to get Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites and join a bunch of other bloggers in a book study.  My initial thought was I probably shouldn't do this since I'm not in the classroom but the more I thought about it, the more I realized a few things...

1.  It would be a good way to stay up to date on best practice.
2.  It would be a chance to connect with other bloggers.
3.  It could help with my TpT product creations...possibly give me new ideas.
4.  It could make me a better tutor.
5.  I could apply some strategies to my religious ed. class each week to make it more hands on.

I read the first two chapters last night in preparation for the start of the study this weekend.  It is a very fast read with very short chapters.  Some of the strategies I've heard and used before.  There were some others that got me thinking about ways I could incorporate that with younger kids.  Are you joining in??
 Needing to get creative with these cold days.  We finally got to play in the snow last weekend when it warmed up a bit but it is so deep that the girls and the dog couldn't even walk in it.  Not much fun.  So we've been trapped inside and needing to move around.  I signed up for Go Noodle (for free) after hearing about all these teachers using it for brain breaks.  The girls are loving dancing around and getting some energy out.

We also played indoor hopscotch...aka jump around the hallway.  And we had a playdate and tried out our new bingo markers.

 I've been working out about a half hour each day this week which makes me happy.  Instead of just doing yoga, I started searching for other YouTube videos that had more cardio type stuff.  I found a ton of videos by FitnessBlender that I like.  It is a good combination of stretching, cardio and yoga moves.  The few I've done do 45 seconds of exercise then 15 seconds of rest.  I like that there is a counter in the corner that tells you how many seconds you have left.  It also has a video in the corner that shows you what the next exercise coming up looks like.  Super helpful for the visual learner!  I feel super uncoordinated with some of the activities but at least I'm doing something...anything!
 I was excited to make some purchases at the TpT sale this week.  After the last sale, my husband and I were talking about the KG all fonts license.  I have had it wishlisted for over a year and talk about it a lot.  We talked about how I could use it on my TpT stuff but also my subway art that I sell.  Right after the sale he was like 'you should probably just buy it.'  What??  So I've been waiting until the next big sale so I could get the best price possible.  My plan was to only buy that this time but after I left feedback I got so many credits that I went back and got prepared for Easter/spring with some (basically) free clipart.

 I continue to be so addicted to Instagram.  I've loved it personally but never used it for business until a month or two ago.  And now I'm obsessed.  I love checking it.  I love seeing all the pictures posted.  I love getting ideas.  I love learning about other people's lives.  I love connecting and commenting.  It is definitely out of the box for this introvert to "talk" with people I don't know but I'm having so much fun.  Are you on Instagram?  My username is @SaraJCreations if you want to find me.

Have a great weekend.