Five for Friday

Yay for Friday!!  I've been thrown off all week on that day it is.  I think because it is mid-winter break here so our normal routine has been off - no tutoring, no teaching at church, no storytime st the library.  So we've had to make our own plans to get us out of the house.

 Mid winter break means I get to see my teaching friends.  We met up with my best friend/former teaching partner this week.  We decided to be mall walkers so we could get in some exercise.  And of course we ended with lunch at Olga's because it is one of our faves.  And just to make us feel old, we ran into some of our former students who we had as first and second graders and they are now about to go into high school.  Ugh!

 I was feeling so overwhelmed this week with what I needed to do versus what I wanted to do.  I know a lot of it is self imposed but it felt good to get some things done.  I blogged about our trip on my family blog with the plan to print out my entries and stick them in our scrapbook - kill two birds with one stone.  I got posts scheduled out for this blog for the week.  I got a week's worth of scrapbooking done for the week before we left for vacation.  I read through the Vacation Bible School program that we are using this summer.  I'm feeling better now about having taken on the role of VBS Coordinator.  I also started working on a new product that I've wanted to start for a long time.  Another in my series of Interactive Notebooks - this one is for graphing and data.

 I found and tried the best recipe on Pinterest.

I am not normally a big fish eater nor am I good at preparing it.  I'm trying to add it to our diet more all the time but especially during Lent where we don't eat meat on Fridays.  I found this recipe and was shocked that I had almost all the ingredients on hand.  My husband had to bring home cilantro and that was it.  I did the rice a little different - brown rice with broth and coconut oil instead of coconut milk and jasmine rice.  But I have to say - I LOVED the results.  An absolute pinterest success.  So many good flavors.  My girls have been picky eaters lately and they ate most of this because of all the fruit in it.  K even wanted seconds and thirds of the fish.  So crazy.
 It has been so cold here this week.  Freezing temperatures and schools closed (at least all the schools that weren't already on break.)  My dog seems to be the only one who doesn't care about the cold.  She would sit out there all day if I let her.  Crazy dog!!
The cold temps are making me long for the beach, sun and warmth!!

I just figured out the other day that the Oscars are this weekend?  What?  I always have big plans to see some/most of the movies and once again we failed.  I think we've seen less movies at the theater this year than ever before.  We are going to try for a date night tonight and rent one of the movies nominated (not sure which one yet...suggestions??)  The past few years we've found a drinking game to help keep our interest since it often gets long and boring.  Tim McGraw (my favorite) is performing this year so that will help keep me excited.

Have a great weekend!