Five For Friday

Friday...finally.  This week seemed so long and I was a day off all week with Monday being a holiday, my husband being home and my tutoring being at a different time that day.  Well here is my week of randomness.

Here is what I'm currently reading.  Total mindless, easy read but exactly what I needed since I only jam in a few minutes before bed each night.  I've read the others in the series so when I saw this, I figured I needed to read it too.

Jamberry anyone??  I'm having my first online Jamberry party.  If you are interested in ordering any of these nail wraps you can order here: and then when you check out pick my party (Sara Jonckheere.)  I can't decide what I want to order yet.  I love the idea of mixing different patterns that have similar colors.  This is all new to me.  I was not all about two patterns being anywhere near each other.  When we decorated our house and my mom was making curtains for each room, she would pick out complimentary patterns and I was like, Nope, too busy!!  Now I love it on my nails for some reason.  
 I bought an awesome pack of Valentine clip art from TpT.  It is part of a fundraiser for a baby that had heart problems and died at 8 months old.  The money is to help the family with bills and a headstone for their little one.  So sad.  I was happy to help and get a bunch of fun clip art in the process.  You can find out more HERE if you are interested.  I used my new clip art to make a Valentine's Day version of Multiplication bump for the girls I tutor.  I'm also working on Valentines Bingo.

 I've been busy this week getting ready for Florida.  We are heading to the Sarasota area next week to spend some time with my husband's grandma.  Then for the last part of our trip we are going to spend a few days in Orlando.  One of those days we are going to take the girls to the Magic Kingdom.  We are all so excited.  I don't think K even knows what she is excited for but I'm happy that she is excited and I think Disney World is going to blow her mind.  I've been trying to get outfits ready and buy all new games/toys/snacks for the plane.  We don't leave until Thursday but I want to be prepared.  Our first time flying with two...should be interesting.  Especially with a 1 year old who just wants to get down and walk and crawl and squeals when she doesn't get what she wants.  Oh well.  We are excited to get away and have some family time in the sun.  I know it isn't super warm there but 60 is better than the teens like it is here, right?  Even if we have to wear pants and long sleeves every day, it is better than winter coats, hats and boots.
Not sure if you can see those price tags but not one of them is over $5.  What??  I ran into Old Navy searching for plain t-shirts to make Disney shirts for the girls using my Silhouette Cameo.  So I had to quickly glance through the clearance and there were several summer things that were super cheap so I snagged them for me.  $2 for a pair of shorts?  Um okay.  A couple tank tops that I figure I can wear all winter under other things.  Even if it doesn't get warm enough in Florida, I figured I could wear the shorts next summer.  For the price, I couldn't pass them up...even if I wear them once!!  Love me some Old Navy!!

I'm going to schedule a few blog posts for the next few weeks but I probably won't do 5 For Friday since I won't have my computer.  See you in a few weeks.