Five For Friday

It's Friday!!!  Yay!!

Here is a quick glance at my week because I need to finish cleaning my house and get dinner started since we are having company over tonight.

 Our week didn't start so great.  On Sunday, we found water in our basement.  Our finished basement.  Our mancave.  Our favorite room in the house.  Our basement that has only been finished for a year.  Not happy.  Luckily the carpet was only wet in one area.  Our neighbor is a plumber so he came over and fixed the valve that had cracked (without needing to remove any of the drywall.)  We used a vacuum to get up most of the water and ran fans and a dehumidifier all week.  By the next morning the carpet was already dry so we are hoping that there is no water damage and we caught it in enough time.  Still not how we planned to spend our Sunday.

I am so obsessed with Gilmore Girls.  But this is not a new obsession.  I watched faithfully when it was actually on tv.  And then when the dvds came out, I bought each one until I had the whole series.  I can watch these episodes over and over.  And now it is on still my heart.  It has become my new go to while I'm working on my computer.  I've been trying to be better about sitting at a table instead of on the couch while I work but that means I'm not near the tv.  So I've been putting my tablet near me and watching Lorelai and Rory until my hearts content!

I finally finished a product that I've been working on since the fall.  I use them each week in my after school religious ed class so I was working on a few at a time.  Then I decided to go back and add the virtue associated with each saint so that took some extra time and a few other projects got in the way.  But it is finished and in my store.  I'll do a full blog post about it with examples from my class but basically there are 25 saints that I use and for each one there is a picture card and then a facts card about them plus an anchor chart.  These could be used for interactive notebooks, flipbooks, flashcards and more.

I also made some new sight word play dough mats for a friend that teaches kindergarten.  She calls them popcorn words so I added a popcorn theme.  Every district is different with their required words so I made it specific to the list from her district.  Now I know that probably isn't marketable to a wider audience so I was going to add more words before I sell it.  What I'm trying to decide is should I do the Fry 1-100 words, or the Dolch lists, or a combination?  Any thoughts from sellers or teachers on this?  I have Dolch list products in my store already and I have gotten a few comments about it not being a complete list even though I used the pre-primer, primer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd list.  But I guess some people use a Dolch list that is lists 1-10?  I don't know.  I'm sure either way there might be words missing that some teachers might want to use.  Just trying to figure out the best way to include what teachers need.

After being inside with all this cold weather, we had a fun playdate at an indoor playground today.  It is a cool concept.  They sell trampolines and swingsets.  So all of these awesome swingsets are set up in their showroom.  During the week, you can come and for $5 play on the equipment.  Makes perfect sense, right?  What a great way to get people into your showroom plus you are making some money when you probably aren't selling equipment in the middle of winter.  K had a blast running, climbing and jumping with her friend.  She had a great nap and hopefully she will still be tired tonight.  M was still too little for most of it but she did some bouncing and crawling around.

We are having poker night at our house tonight.  PS...I don't like poker very much but my husband wanted to play and have some guys over from work and their wives.  Plus my BFF/former teaching partner is coming so that will be fun.  If nothing else, there will be lots of snacks and drinks!!

Happy Friday!!!