Currently January 2015

Happy New Year!! Another year.  A fresh start.

I've never been big on resolutions but I always like this time of year to think about what I might want to change and do differently without a lot of stress and pressure.  And since it is a new month, that means a new Currently link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  So fun to see what everyone is thinking and realizing how many bloggers out there are just like me with some of the things we are thinking and doing.

Listening:  No I don't like football.  But 'tis the season, right?  My husband's alma matter (Michigan State) is playing their bowl game right now in the background while I'm working.  Even though they are the rivals of my alma mater, I'm still supporting my hubby (AKA he is watching football all day and I dressed the girls in their Spartan gear to help cheer his team on.)

Loving:  My husband didn't take as much time off for the holidays as he usually does.  He wanted to save as much vacation time for our Florida vacation in January.  But he had all day off yesterday and isn't going back until Monday.  It is so nice to have someone to help share the load with for a few days.  I get a little break from prepping and cleaning every meal and keeping the girls entertained.  We are hoping to get in a date night this weekend with dinner and a movie (the latest Hobbit movie because my husband loves the series even though I do not enjoy them at all - I call that payback for all the chick flicks he's seen with me.)

Thinking: I've done it.  I've finally convinced my husband that we need a playroom.  The girls' toys are taking over our house.  They have toys in their rooms, toys in the family room and toys in the basement/mancave.  I kept telling my husband that we should convert our formal living room to a playroom for now.  He was hesitant because he liked that we had a "nice room" that wasn't taken over by toys and dog hair (the dog isn't allowed on the wood floor.)  I told him we can have it back one day but right now we don't use it and we could use the space in other ways.  After all the toys they got for Christmas, he came to the same conclusion!  Win!  So we are currently trying to figure out what we can move around, what we can use that we already have and what we need to buy.  So excited by the idea of organization!

Wanting:  I need to do some baking and freezer meal prep.  It was so nice to have freezer meals ready to go in the fall for the nights that I tutor or teach religious ed.  We are almost out of meals so I need to add some more.  Do you have any good healthy freezer recipes that I should try?  I also want to do some healthy muffins and other foods for breakfasts and lunches.  I feel like I get in a rut and just want something easy so if I have stuff that I just need to thaw and serve, maybe I can have a bigger variety.

Needing:  The lack of schedule of being a stay at home mom has been a blessing and a curse.  I struggled with it the first year.  I missed having my day scheduled out.  But at the same time, I enjoyed being able to do what I wanted when I wanted.  I need to find a balance between these two.  I know a strict schedule isn't practical because someone will wake up early from a nap or we will run out of diapers and need to make a Target run.  So I definitely still want flexibility.  But I'm hoping if I have an overall game plan for the week and try to stick to it, it will give me more time for the things I want to do, like TpT.  It seems like I spend all my free time doing so many little things, that I never get the big stuff done.  I'm thinking of creating a schedule where certain days are for cleaning, errand running, household type stuff.  Naptimes would be scheduled out so that I'm only blogging on certain days, scrapbooking on certain days, and creating on other days.  I would also like to work on getting up before the girls, getting some exercise in and starting my morning before them.  Also, I want to start being better about planning out activities to do with K - crafts, special stories, sensory activities.  She can handle it, she loves them and she needs a change when we are stuck in the house all day.  I just need to be better about planning them and finding a time to do them without the little one getting in the way.

Yes:  Exercise.  I need to do this.  I need to be better.  I need to make it a habit.  I need to focus on me, being healthy, and doing what I can from home with the girls since I know it isn't realistic for me to join a gym or take a class right now.

Maybe:  Vegas baby, Vegas!  Ever since I missed the TpT conference last year, I've been thinking about it and wanting to go.  I've mentioned it numerous times to my husband.  I feel like now that I have made more friends in the blogging/TpT world, it would be even more fun and I wouldn't just be sitting in the corner alone.  Also, I think it would be awesome for my husband and I to get away for a bit without the girls.  The past few years have been full of being pregnant, having newborns, and nursing babies which doesn't make it easy to travel without the girls.  But I also know we need to save money.  We don't want to blow everything I'm earning.  We need to save for more kids and a bigger car.  Plus we are taking a vacation this year with more small summer trips in the works so I know this trip is a big MAYBE.

I Wish:  I just keep thinking about how cool it would be to make a teacher's salary with my TpT store and still be able to be at home with the girls.  The best of both worlds!!!