Currently: December

Listening:  I don't usually listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  Several radio stations start in November here and it is just too early for me.  But my husband even commented the other day that having kids gets you in the mood earlier and makes you want to be festive.  So I turned it on in the background today for a little bit while the girls played until they requested Tangled instead.  But both are napping so I'm back to listening to Christmas music.

Loving:  My sister in law brought THIS cranberry dip to Thanksgiving and I was a little unsure.  But it is SO GOOD.  I'm going to make it this weekend for a Christmas party we have to go to.  We've been enjoying the leftovers of the dip.  Even my one year old loves it.  We've been eating it on Ritz crackers.  Yummy and it seems to get better each day instead of worse.

Thinking: I was attempting to get online shopping done this morning while my girls played and watched TV but M, my one year old, was not having any of it.  She wanted to bang on the computer.  When I moved away from her she kept trying to escape from the family room and climb upstairs.  So my shopping will have to wait until tonight when they are in bed.  I was hoping to get some new Christmas PJs for my husband and I from Old Navy and maybe some shoes for my husband.  And of course I need to go through my wishlist on TpT and buy some things during the sale today or tomorrow.  I also wanted to order some kids subscriptions boxes (just one months worth) for our nieces and nephews and thought maybe if I did it today I could get a discount.  Still trying to sort through all the different options, see what would be appropriate for each age bracket and who offers just one box instead of a subscription.

Wanting: I never really loved getting ready for Christmas until we had kids.  Now I'm excited to start new traditions and get everything decorated.  But we do a real tree so we don't want to start it too early.  Plus with a 1 and 2.5 year old who want to get into everything, a Christmas tree up too early could be a recipe for disaster.  So we will probably get a few things out at a time until we get our tree and get all the boxes out.

Needing:  One of the traditions we started was opening a Christmas book each night during Advent.  I have the same books (I reuse the same ones until the kids are old enough to remember) that I use each year and I bought the wrapping paper weeks ago.  But they open the first book tonight and those bad boys are not done yet.  So I need to go dig those out while they are sleeping and get some of them done before I leave for tutoring.

Giving:  I'm so thankful that Farley does this awesome linkup every month.  It is such a great way for teachers to connect and I'm so appreciative of her time and efforts in this!

Heading over to see what everyone else is up to this month.