Five For Friday

I found a new app this week that my 2 year old is loving.  It is Oral B's Magic Timer app.  It is designed to help them brush for two minutes.  K is loving it and asks to brush her teeth all day long.  They get to pick a character (Disney and Marvel) for their logo.  Then, you scan the character on their brush.  This was what blew my mind.  She's had a few different Winnie the Pooh brushes but I didn't know they were linked to the app or that they were scanable.  Sure enough we tried it and Pooh pictures comes up.  As you brush and the clock counts down, more of the picture is revealed.  After they are done they get a virtual sticker that goes in the album for the character they scanned.  We were in need of new brushes anyway so I got a few princess ones.  Cinderella had some trouble scanning the first day and popped up as Tangled but K was just as happy to have a new picture to watch.  She's brushing longer and she is remembering and asking to brush her teeth.  Mission accomplished!  The only problem I've seen is that it only let's them brush twice a day.  Normally this isn't a problem but sometimes her first brushing is after lunch.  The day we did it after lunch and then tried it before bed time, it told us we had already brushed tonight.  Boo!  So I'm trying to remember to have her brush earlier in the morning so she gets two tries a day.  

You know you are a teacher when......

Your two year old says "Bye Mom, I'm going to go teach now.  I've got my scrapbook with me."  Um what??  She knows I scrapbook and she looks through it though she is rarely awake when I scrap.  And when I tutor or teach religious ed we just tell her mom has to teach and she's learned that my teaching bag has a bag of dice that she loves.  So it shouldn't surprise me that she picked up on that since she is a sponge right now.  Still just funny to hear!

We booked our tickets for Florida!  So excited to spend a week in the sun at the end of January.  Most of the week is going to be spent visiting my husband's grandma.  We took K before she turned one but I'm excited to look for more things in the Bradenton/Sarasota area that the girls can enjoy.  I'd be happy on the beach all day but kids at the beach is just a lot less fun than it used to be!! :-)  We are also going to spend a few days in Orlando and take the girls to the Magic Kingdom.  I was opposed to it until they were older but when we learned that they were free until they turned 3 we thought it would be the cheapest Disney trip we'd ever take.  They won't remember it but they will be happy for the day.  K is so into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen and the other Disney princesses so I think she will love it!

I'm loving the first year pictures we had taken of M.  My sister in law is starting a photography business and she took them.  I was so happy with how they turned out with the colors and the fact that we got her to laugh and smile so much.  If you are in the Michigan area and looking for a reasonably priced photographer, you can contact her on her Facebook page.  She is working on a website but it is not up and running yet.  Here are just a few that I loved...

We have a mini first birthday party this weekend for M.  She is not a big crowds kind of kid so I didn't want to overwhelm her with a big party.  Plus in all honesty, I'm not a big party type of person.  The drama of who do you invite, who do you not invite, where will you put everyone, etc.  So we celebrated with my in-laws last weekend and then just the four of us on Tuesday for her actual birthday.  Then this weekend we will just have a small party with my siblings and parents and a few of my husband's family members.  I'm keeping it low key.  No theme.  The theme is her!  I have printed out the new pictures we had taken for her birthday.  I also printed a picture from each week of the past year to hang up.  We have a Happy Birthday banner ready to go and pink and white paper products.  We are ordering pizza and salad and I even decided to order the cake/cupcakes this time around.  I know, I know....I'm probably out of the running for mom of the year.  I just want easy and stress free!!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Sara,
    We took our kids to Disney Land last summer when Levi was 2 and a half. He still talks about seeing Mater and Lightning McQueen. I was worried about taking them too young but like you said, it's cheaper, and I thought it was less stressful. We didn't ride anything with over a 30 min. wait. We left in the middle of the day when crowds got big and went back to the hotel to swim. We happened to catch some characters but didn't wait more than 10 minutes for any of them. You'll have a great time. The pictures are adorable!!!! Enjoy the party this weekend. It sounds perfect! I'll email you with all my Disney tips. :) Happy Friday friend!

    Joya :)

    1. Okay that makes me feel SO much better. I can't wait to read your tips. I figure we are going to spend the next few months researching and making sure we are as prepared as possible. We told K last night that we were going on a plane for her birthday to see Mickey Mouse. I don't know if she really got it but it made her happy because she had been crying that she wanted to go on the plane with daddy yesterday for his work trip.

  2. Until I read your post I had no idea that toothbrushes that connect to apps even existed. The things they come up with! The brushes haven't made it to the Emirates yet but I really wish they would. Too many kids here have major cavities. It's so sad to see. I love the pics of M - super adorable.
    Teaching Doodles

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah it is crazy what they have apps for. I had no idea that this existed or that the Winnie the Pooh Oral B brush we bought years ago worked with it. I don't think it said anything on the packaging about it because it was designed for babies. The new brush that we bought mentioned the app on the front but they are just plain toothbrushes with cartoon characters on it. So crazy that they can be scanned. Hopefully Oral B gets some brushes near you soon - so easy to use!