Five For Friday

Since a lot of tv shows had their season premieres this week, I thought I would do 5 shows I'm watching this year.  We don't watch a ton of tv shows - there is usually a Detroit sporting event on tv at our house but we don't always have a show on.  I like to have something on in the background that I don't have to pay attention to.  Some years I can barely stay awake for the shows I like to watch.  Thank goodness for DVR!  Last year my husband and I were kind of over the few shows we watched together.  So I would record the shows I was interested in and I usually would catch up on shows during naptime and just play them in the background while I created on my computer.  I'm sure that will continue this year.  Thank goodness for DVRs because I don't even know what nights and times most of these are on...they just appear on my DVR.  It looks like a lot of them are on Thursday nights this year.  Last night I attempted to watch 2 of these with no computer on, no distractions.  Of course I fell asleep before the second one ended.  When I'm working on my computer I'm up til midnight....when I am on the couch watching tv, I am asleep instantly!!

Here's what I'm watching:

Scandal.  Okay I totally came late to the Scandal party.  I kept hearing about how awesome it was but I had never seen it.  I finally binged watched it on Netflix right after M was born last November.  But at that point the current season wasn't on there so I had to find it on the internet, on demand and just recording repeats.  But I finally caught up in time for the last few episodes.  I'm so excited to see what happens to Olivia Pope this year.  I so want her to be with the president but at the same time I totally love Jake and want them to be together and be happy.  Olivia Pope is awesome - "I'm handling it!"

Parenthood.  I've loved this show from the beginning.  Some seasons have been better than others but I've loved to see the development of the Braverman family.  This is the last season which makes me sad.  But as Lauren Graham pointed out, it is nice that they know it is the end so that they can give it a proper ending versus the abrupt cancellation of some of my past favorite shows.  

How To Get Away With Murder.  This is the new show I'm going to try this year.  It is by the same creator of Scandal and Grey's Anatomy.  I like both of those shows (though I haven't seen Grey's in years) but I jumped on the bandwagon after they became popular.  I figured I would try this show out from the beginning and see how it goes.

Nashville.  I LOVE this show.  Maybe it is because I've loved country music since college.  Or maybe it is because I love the scandal of the relationships on the show.  I don't know but I love it and am so excited for it to come back on this year.

Big Bang Theory.  We caught on to this show (late as usual) right before K was born 2 and 1/2 years ago.  We watched all the reruns and caught up.  It is such a funny show.  We've seen all the episodes a million times but it is a good thing to play in the background since it is pretty much always on at any point in time.

What are you watching??


  1. Hi Sara,
    We were also excited for all our Fall shows to start this week. So much so, my husband and I were commenting that we really need a new hobby. :) Our faves are The Voice, The Blacklist, and NCIS. We are trying Madam Secretary and NCIS New Orleans for our new shows. Then I have a couple that my hubby doesn't always watch with me... Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. I also LOVE Parenthood but am 2 seasons behind. I'm buying them on itunes since our Netflix feed here (we get the Latin America feed) doesn't have any other seasons than the first one. But as we both know... finding the time is always challenging with littles around.

    1. Hi Joya,
      That's so crazy that there are other version of Netflix and they don't all have the same shows. So crazy!! Yes finding time is definitely a challenge. When my first was a baby I could still watch shows around her but that is over since she is a sponge and repeats everything! Now it is while they are sleeping - so I either work on the and miss part of the show or watch the show and fall asleep and have to try again the next day!! We like The Voice too and catch episodes here and there. It is the same night as Dancing with the Stars which we've gotten into the past few seasons for some reason.

  2. Oh my Gosh - Scandal and that new How to Get Away with Murder were fantastic last night. And I am still faithfully watching Grey's, so my Thursday nights are jam-packed. Other favorites are the Blacklist & Chicago Fire. I gave up on Parenthood a few seasons back, but I need to Netflix it and catch up! Love your post! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah Thursdays are crazy!!! Besides TGIT, Parenthood is on another channel and I heard they are switching Big Bang back to Thursdays. Thank goodness for DVRs or I'd never get to watch all of this!! I might have to look into the Blacklist. I'm hearing so much about it!!