Office Buckle & Gloria plus a FREEBIE

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Officer Buckle and Gloria makes talking about being safe at school more fun.  Free safety tip printable for your students to use included.

Love this book.  Love, love, love.  And so did my students.  Every.  Single.  Year.  Without fail, my kids would get so excited about this book.  I used it during the first few days of school when I taught about our classroom rules - in particular our rule Be Safe.

Office Buckle is always coming up with new safety rules and going to schools to tell everyone about them.  Then he gets a dog named Gloria, who starts to go with him to his presentations.  The students love watching Gloria.  Office Buckle doesn't realize what Gloria is doing behind him until he sees himself on tv.  He decides to stop doing presentations because the kids just want to see Gloria.  He sends Gloria by herself and the presentation is just not the same.

The school has its biggest accident ever after that.  It is a big disaster.

The students beg to have Office Buckle come back and he agrees that he and Gloria make a good team.

After reading the book, I would let each student come up with a safety tip that would pertain to the classroom or playground.  They got to pick what the tip number was and illustrate their tip.  Then we would come back to share and create an anchor chart with all of the tips and their numbers on it.  We would add any important safety tips if they weren't already on the chart.

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Here is a FREEBIE to help your students create their own safety tip!