Five For Friday

Yay for a getaway.  We are heading to Pittsburgh to visit my sister and her fiance for a long weekend.  It is the longest the girls have been away from their beds and normal routines recently so we'll see how it goes.  Planning on swimming, hanging out, visiting new spots in the city and watching our Detroit Tigers play the Pirates.
Amazon Prime for the win!  I love Amazon Prime.  If I can't get it here in two days on Amazon, I rarely order it.  We got three different prime boxes this week.  One was a hitch adapter and luggage rack for the back of the car.  We are delaying the inevitable move to a bigger car (aka a minivan - yikes!)  When the girls are in the car and the dog is in the trunk we have very little space for luggage.  We'll see if this works out for us.  I also got a box of envelopes for my sister's wedding shower invites.  And my last one was more cartridges and paper for my awesome Canon Selphy photo printer.  

Love using produce from my garden.  I just made a batch of cucumber salsa using our cucumbers, tomatoes and cilantro from the garden (plus some other ingredients.)  So yummy and so summer!  I'll post a recipe next week.

After an energizing phone call with a former colleague,  I'm working on some centers for her Kindergarten classroom.  I've got the first one done but am probably going to wait to post it in my store until after she has tried it out and we've made sure it is good to go.  This one is place card blocks with matching number cards that can be used for memory, go fish or flashcards. Here is a little tease in the meantime...
It was an exhausting week for me.  The girls were out of sorts at the beginning of the week.  I think both were overtired from a weekend with my parents.  Monday they both were in rare form and by the time my husband got home he was battling one in one room while I had the other in the kitchen while trying to make dinner.  He just looked at me and said "And we want more??"  My response was not today I don't!! Thankyouverymuch!  The week got better as they caught up on sleep.  J was out of town for a few days for work so I made sure to keep the girls busy to break up our normal day knowing I wouldn't have anyone coming to rescue me at 5:30.  A trip to the zoo is always a happy day!  K loves the zoo.  M is too young to really appreciate it.  We have a membership which is awesome so I don't feel like we have to stay forever.  An hour or two and we are good to go.  This time my mom went with us so we took the train for the first time.  K seemed to like it!  And finally by the end of it she let me fix her "Anna" hair.  The kid is obsessed with Anna from Frozen and wants braids and a dress on every day.  Every. Single.  Day.  All the hairs that had fallen out from her putting a blanket on her head drove me nuts the whole train ride and by the end she was so distracted that I took it out and put a pony in!!!

Happy Friday!!