Five For Friday

We are headed up north (what we call going to the northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan) to visit my in-laws for the long weekend.  We are leaving when my husband gets home in two hours.  We are not packed.  Not at all.  No clothes, no food, no diapers, no toys, no dog stuff.  Nothing.  Yet here I sit writing blog posts instead.  That could be a problem!!

I am almost finished with another kindergarten math center.  I've been working on these sequencing task cards this week.  Hopefully I'll get them posted at the beginning of next week.  I think I'm going to post all of these kindergarten activities separately and then make them a bundle and sell them as one of my Ready, Set, Go Math Centers.  

Even though I don't have a back to school to get ready for, I had the desire to get my hair done this week.  Okay it wasn't really a desire.  It was more like "I have roots & grays showing and haven't had my hair done since May" need.  So I got it done.  And I am so happy I did.  I always delay getting it done because of the cost but I love spending two hours at the salon, chatting with my hair dresser and walking out feeling so much better. Highlights and a fresh cut make me happy. It always puts me in such a good mood!

I was in search of a new book for the weekend.  We do a lot of reading up north when the girls are sleeping.  I know the book I'm reading isn't going to last the whole time.  We had a disaster attempt yesterday.  I went to one of the smallest and quietest libraries nearby because we were near there after getting an oil change and I couldn't find one.  They have a bad selection and K wouldn't let me look.  She was pulling books off the shelves and being loud.  And I'm trying to hold M at the same time.  Not fun.  So we left empty handed.  I was looking at the digital books I could download onto my tablet from the library last night.  I don't love reading digitally but sometimes I do if there are free books on my Kindle app.  I found one that someone had suggested in Deanna Jump's book linky.  It is about introverts.  I was curious about it.  I am not a non fiction reader.  I mean I guess I am since I read blogs and articles online.  And magazines - I love magazines.  But I generally don't reach for a nonfiction book.  So we will see if I read this but, being an introvert, it definitely is interesting to me.

This is the last weekend of freedom for my teacher friends in the area.  Public schools in Michigan are required to start after Labor Day so they are headed back with kids on Tuesday.  Most years I'm really sad.  I'd have to say that this year has been the easiest.  Yes I still miss it but not as bad as the past few years.  Now I am still mourning the loss of summer!  I don't think that feeling goes away whether I'm in the class or not.  But I'm not crying at school supply ads this year!

Happy long weekend!!