Catholic Prayers Brag Tags

Preview: Catholic prayers brag tags are a behavior management system that includes 27 of the most popular Catholic prayers for children to learn.

It is no secret that I LOVE brag tags for behavior management in the classroom. I also like using it in my Religious Formation class at church for reminding students of lessons and concepts we cover during the year. I also like to give out Catholic Prayer Brag Tags once students memorize specific prayers. In the past, I've included these prayers in my Catholic Brag Tags and Catholic Brag Tags 2 products, but I decided to make them their own product and add more prayers for teachers who want to really focus on teaching children the prayers of the Catholic faith. Aren't sure what a brag tag is? No problem. Check out What on Earth is a Brag Tag? for some FAQs.

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What's Included in the Catholic Prayers Brag Tags:

This set includes 27 tags in color and in black and white. The following Catholic prayer tags are included:

-Angel of God
-Glory Be
-Sign of the Cross
-Hail Mary
-Our Father
-Blessing Before Meals
-Queen of Heaven
-Morning Offering
-The Gloria
-The Rosary
-The Joyful Mysteries
-The Luminous Mysteries
-The Sorrowful Mysteries
-The Glorious Mysteries
-I Memorized All My Prayers
-Nicene Creed
-Apostles' Creed
-Act of Contrition
-Hail Holy Queen
-Eucharistic Adoration
-St. Michael 
-Prayer After Meals
-Litany of the Saints
-Lectio Divina
-Stations of the Cross
-Blank Editable Tag (to add additional prayers that might be unique to your curriculum)

Tags are about 1 1/2" x 2"

Supplies needed for Catholic Prayers Brag Tags:

Catholic Prayers Brag Tags
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Hole Punch

To Prep Catholic Prayers Brag Tags

1. Decide if you want to print the tags in full color or in black and white. If you decide to use the black and white versions, try printing on colored card stock to add some variety.

2. Print the tags you plan to use.

3. Laminate the tags for durability.

4. Cut apart the tags and punch a hole at the top of each one.

5. When students earn a tag, have them add it to their necklaces.

For tips on how to organize, store, and use brag tags, check out Ditching My Treasure Box for Brag Tags. If you don't want to use necklaces, check out Angie Olson's blog, Lucky Little Learners, for other ideas such as Brag Tag books and Rings.
Decide how you will use these Catholic Prayer Brag Tags. Will it be for each prayer you introduce the class to? Will it be after a student memorizes it and shows mastery of learning the prayer? Will it be after a student leads the prayer during class or Mass?

This set also includes free editable name brag tags. This allows you to make a personalized tag for each student so that they can make sure to tell their sets of tags apart. Also included is a blank editable prayer tag. You can write or type on this if you want to focus on a prayer that is not included in this set.

Brag tags are great motivators for positive behavior in the classroom. It takes some time to prep them, but it is more cost effective than adding prizes to a treasure box. Plus it is specific, so students know and can remember exactly what they've learned in class. Learning the prayers of our Catholic faith can be a challenge (especially if students aren't exposed to them regularly), but they can be reward with fun tags when they meet the challenge.

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